Thursday, April 26, 2007


When I started collecting minis, I thought that the GW fluff was pretty decent. There are many websites that deal specifically with fluff. Sadly, the SM chapter that I love , the Iron Hands, did not have very much in terms of official fluff. Yeah, they had an IA article (which got voided with the new edition of the rules) and the very very book with the same name.

Now with FOW, I discovered that the "fluff" is a lot more detailed. There are huge resources to the player to create a force that is pretty close to reality.

I'm not planning to re-create an exact duplicate of a British regiment but the resources out there will definitely help me flesh out a very close facsimile of the real deal. I'm leaning towards some Canadian regiments that landed in Normandy. I will probably use the uniforms and actual commander names but weaponry and vehicles used may be different. Still in the very early stages.

I'm reading the later portion of the book called "The Valour and the Horror" which describe personal recollection of the war. One part stuck in my mind was when the 12th SS infiltrated the forward positions of the Regiment de la Chaudiere, the Canadian men went a tad crazy with battle lust and slit their enemies throats. It did not matter if they were alive or dead. Their officer had to draw their pistols to stop their troops from butchering the enemies.

What struck me the most was the fact that they were Canadians doing the butchering. I always has the picture that we were all quite civilized. Chalk one to the propaganda machine.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Basing the British Rifle Company

taken from fow forums

For example, in the British rifle co. do I base the Lieutenant in a three man team, with a separate 2 man lt. mortar and a 2 man boys?

Yes, the Company Commander and the 2iC are each represented by a small base with three figures on it. The actual officer figure, and a radio man and rifleman or two riflemen figures. The light mortar team is a mortarman and ammo carrier and the Boys ATR team is a Boys gunner and an ammo carrier or rifleman. Each are two figures on a small base.

DO i base the rifle/mg teams in bases of 5 as that is the number of silhouettes shown in the army list?

Yes, they would be five figures on a medium base (although some people think that is too crowded and only use four figures on a medium base). The figures should be riflemen and machinegunners (generally one MG'er for every other base). There should probably also be one NCO figure for every squad of two bases. The NCO figures are usually carrying SMG or else waving the troops forward.

From another post in the same thread

Company Commander - This is usually a figure armed with a pistol, or sometimes just standing no weapon at all. Sometimes his uniform will also vary from the rest of the company (a different jacket or hat, for example).

Radioman - Often included for Command Team or Observer Teams. They are generally modeled with a larger than normal backpack, and often holding out a microphone in their hands.

NCO - The NCO figures are usually modeled with SMG, or somethimes with rifles but in both cases they are usually gestureing the troops forward.

Ammo carriers - These often accompany MG, ATR, or mortarmen and usually are carrying a large box, or in the case of British Mortar and PIAT ammo carriers a container consisting of three or four cylinders.

Boys & Bren Gunners - At first glance these can look very similar (long barreled rifle-like weapons with curved magazines sticking out the top). The Bren MG, however, has a bipod folded up along the bottom of the barrel, the Boys is just a long, naked barrel.

Monday, April 23, 2007

More fun

I was in the neighborhood of Dueling Grounds yesterday and I decided to pick a few things.

I picked up a copy of Festung Europa because I needed some more LW British army lists. The D-Day minus one is nice but it is very limiting. Live and learn.

I also picked up one blister of the 25lbs guns. I probably need another three blister to make full use of it but I wanted to see what they looked like and how easy it would be to assemble.

Now I gotta figure out some army lists

Friday, April 20, 2007

British Rifle Company

Last night I decided to sort what is inside the box. Once I figure out how to use my digital camera to take proper pictures, I will post them as well (pre-painted).

There are four compartments in the box. Luckily for me, I kept all the minis together. Here is what each compartment has.

Compartment #1 (15 minis)
2x kneeling, right hand up
4x walking, SMG, right hand stretched out
4x standing, right hand straight up
2x officers with walking stick
2x officers standing with pistol
1x officer sneaking with pistol

Compartment #2 (30 minis)
7x walking, facing right, rifle horizontal
8x walking, facing left, rifle vertical
8x walking, facing right, rifle vertical
7x walking, facing straight, rifle vertical

Compartment #3 (19 minis)
8x rifle, right facing
3x MG standing
3x MG kneeling
2x mortar team (2 men)
2x Anti-tank rifle, standing

Compartment #4 (21 minis)
7x waling with rifle at the ready
6x Aiming on one knee
6x low walking / sneaking, gun vertical
1x Communication Team (2 members)
1x Bag pipes

Total of 85 minis
1 rifle company with 2 platoons requires 80 minis (from the picture at the back of the box)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Let's Start

Ok. I've been bitten by the FOW bug. After reading a bit from their web site, I decided to take the plunge. I went to Dueling Grounds and bought the folling:

* The Main rule book
* D-Day minus 1 (rules for British and US paratroopers)
* Three jeeps
* Churchill Tank (I think version IV)
* CMP 15 cwt truck
* British Rifle company

I'm looking to start a late war British force. Hopefully, this site will keep me motivated in building my first army.