Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Basing the British Rifle Company

taken from fow forums

For example, in the British rifle co. do I base the Lieutenant in a three man team, with a separate 2 man lt. mortar and a 2 man boys?

Yes, the Company Commander and the 2iC are each represented by a small base with three figures on it. The actual officer figure, and a radio man and rifleman or two riflemen figures. The light mortar team is a mortarman and ammo carrier and the Boys ATR team is a Boys gunner and an ammo carrier or rifleman. Each are two figures on a small base.

DO i base the rifle/mg teams in bases of 5 as that is the number of silhouettes shown in the army list?

Yes, they would be five figures on a medium base (although some people think that is too crowded and only use four figures on a medium base). The figures should be riflemen and machinegunners (generally one MG'er for every other base). There should probably also be one NCO figure for every squad of two bases. The NCO figures are usually carrying SMG or else waving the troops forward.

From another post in the same thread

Company Commander - This is usually a figure armed with a pistol, or sometimes just standing no weapon at all. Sometimes his uniform will also vary from the rest of the company (a different jacket or hat, for example).

Radioman - Often included for Command Team or Observer Teams. They are generally modeled with a larger than normal backpack, and often holding out a microphone in their hands.

NCO - The NCO figures are usually modeled with SMG, or somethimes with rifles but in both cases they are usually gestureing the troops forward.

Ammo carriers - These often accompany MG, ATR, or mortarmen and usually are carrying a large box, or in the case of British Mortar and PIAT ammo carriers a container consisting of three or four cylinders.

Boys & Bren Gunners - At first glance these can look very similar (long barreled rifle-like weapons with curved magazines sticking out the top). The Bren MG, however, has a bipod folded up along the bottom of the barrel, the Boys is just a long, naked barrel.

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