Friday, April 20, 2007

British Rifle Company

Last night I decided to sort what is inside the box. Once I figure out how to use my digital camera to take proper pictures, I will post them as well (pre-painted).

There are four compartments in the box. Luckily for me, I kept all the minis together. Here is what each compartment has.

Compartment #1 (15 minis)
2x kneeling, right hand up
4x walking, SMG, right hand stretched out
4x standing, right hand straight up
2x officers with walking stick
2x officers standing with pistol
1x officer sneaking with pistol

Compartment #2 (30 minis)
7x walking, facing right, rifle horizontal
8x walking, facing left, rifle vertical
8x walking, facing right, rifle vertical
7x walking, facing straight, rifle vertical

Compartment #3 (19 minis)
8x rifle, right facing
3x MG standing
3x MG kneeling
2x mortar team (2 men)
2x Anti-tank rifle, standing

Compartment #4 (21 minis)
7x waling with rifle at the ready
6x Aiming on one knee
6x low walking / sneaking, gun vertical
1x Communication Team (2 members)
1x Bag pipes

Total of 85 minis
1 rifle company with 2 platoons requires 80 minis (from the picture at the back of the box)

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