Thursday, April 26, 2007


When I started collecting minis, I thought that the GW fluff was pretty decent. There are many websites that deal specifically with fluff. Sadly, the SM chapter that I love , the Iron Hands, did not have very much in terms of official fluff. Yeah, they had an IA article (which got voided with the new edition of the rules) and the very very book with the same name.

Now with FOW, I discovered that the "fluff" is a lot more detailed. There are huge resources to the player to create a force that is pretty close to reality.

I'm not planning to re-create an exact duplicate of a British regiment but the resources out there will definitely help me flesh out a very close facsimile of the real deal. I'm leaning towards some Canadian regiments that landed in Normandy. I will probably use the uniforms and actual commander names but weaponry and vehicles used may be different. Still in the very early stages.

I'm reading the later portion of the book called "The Valour and the Horror" which describe personal recollection of the war. One part stuck in my mind was when the 12th SS infiltrated the forward positions of the Regiment de la Chaudiere, the Canadian men went a tad crazy with battle lust and slit their enemies throats. It did not matter if they were alive or dead. Their officer had to draw their pistols to stop their troops from butchering the enemies.

What struck me the most was the fact that they were Canadians doing the butchering. I always has the picture that we were all quite civilized. Chalk one to the propaganda machine.

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