Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lazy and two side projects

Last I could have done some painting but I just on my ass instead. The thought of all that metal was a tad intimidating. The only way I can see to move forward is to clean up my work space so I only see the "next step" of my army. In this case my first platoon of infantry and its HQ.

Today I paid a visit to a store that I call "Gorilla" (really Active Surplus on Queen West). It is like the Holy Grail for geeks. You go in feeling creatively drained and then by magic all their "crap" gets those inspirational juices flowing.

My first side project will be to build a laser based LOS (Line of Sight) pointer. For 2$, I got this crappy laser pointer and for another 2$ I got 6x 3/4 inch mirrors. My goal is to create a functional LOS device that can be used in different scales all under 20$.

Here is a link to a GW periscope using 2 mirrors

UPDATE - Here is an awesome link that shows exactly what I had in mind

The second side project will be a multi-tiered lazy susan to hold my paints and hobby tools. I was thinking using foam core but I'm still iffy on the final design.

Hopefully, I will be able to post some pics if I get off my lazy ass.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Army case

I've found an even easier way to transport my army: cookie tins. They are a bit small but they are metal, the GF9 bases seem to stick well on them and I don't have to spend time on a case. Looks like a winner

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wow, more free time

Last night I mounted all the NCO, PIAT, MG, mortar and officers on roofing nails. Did some touch up on the uniforms that I painted earlier. If tonight goes well, I hope to prime the rest of the units. This time I will add some water to the gesso and not apply to think.

My ideas of a transport case is slowly coming to fruition. I will use a small black attache case and mount two metal plates in it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Minor update

I finished the webbing on all my riflemen that were primed.

Here is what left to do:

1. Gun
2. Bayonet sheaf
3. Helmet (I need paint for that one)
4. Touch ups.

I want to base them but most of them are in the same pose (Makes speed painting a tad faster). I still gotta find some metal plating so I can use the GF9 magnetic bases that I've bought.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's day gift

My wife gave me an awesome Father's Day gift... a few hours to myself. So I used that time to sleep for an hour and to paint for two.

I was able to finish painting the flesh and the uniforms on all the miniatures that were primed. Around one third have their webbing finished.

Now I gotta do the guns and touch ups. W00t

Friday, June 15, 2007


I haven't posted in awhile because I have done absolutely nothing. Last week, one twin or the other has had a high fever preventing me in even having one simple hour of free time without a child.

Hopefully this weekend I can paint some more figs. BTW, I did paint something a week and a half ago but I forgot to mention it.

I think I'm diluting my paints too much. I just got to keep practicing.