Thursday, July 26, 2007 and

Some people have told me that they could not access this blog. I found that very hard to believe since it is hosted by blogger (aka Google) so I though it had to DNS related. The funny part that my DNS server at home (yes, I run my own DNS caching server) and the DNS at work always gave the right CNAME for

Hmm, some of the people complaining were coming from the network. After getting an account on my co-workers home server and using dig, host and nslookup I discovered that rogers is using some kind of weird DNS. I wish that I save the outputs from my commands but oh well. It looked like they were using some sort of Verisign product. I could very very wrong but that was my first gut feeling.

Anyhoot, I changed my DNS servers from to and everything seems to be fine now.

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