Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Tad crazy

So today I paid a visit to Dueling Grounds trying to cash in on their 3rd anniversary sale. Here is the loot that I picked up.

1 box of Late Rifle company
1 box of artillery (4 25lbs guns)
1 blister of Late Company HQ
1 platoon of pioneers (Late)
1 British Vallejo starter set (so much cheaper than buying individual bottles)
1 Vallejo brush

Now here is my problem, I've started my PBI company already which are E-M-L models. They have the old style helmets and webbing. Almost everything that I purchased recently is in the late war style. Should I stop what I'm doing and start again using the late models.

My gut feeling is no. Use the EML models to practice painting and work from there. I can always say that the older models are from another theater giving a hand to the boys in Normandy

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