Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm in a rut

I haven't been feeling inspired lately to pick up a brush. I've done some prep work for the 25 pounders but nothing out of the ordinary.

Here are the steps that I'm going to try for the next platoon. My last batch was total mayhem. No order whatsoever.

  1. Sort the miniatures based on their pose
  2. Now organize the "men" based on which stand/base they will mounted on
  3. Glue them on some large craft stciks
  4. Prime them
  5. Paint the skin
  6. Paint the uniform
  7. Paint the webbing and backpack
  8. Boots
  9. Guns
  10. Helmet / Beret
  11. Dirt (flat earth)
  12. Ink Wash
  13. Glue onto scored bases with super glue
  14. Model the bases (DAS, wood putty?)

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