Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lots of things to say

I discovered that I had Remembrance day off and whith no wife and kids I thought it would be a great day.

Almost everything is closed on a Monday. Well, everything that might interest a geek. Since Dueling Grounds was closed I decided to drive up the 404 and pay a visit to Gryphon Games. Their selection of FOW is quite limited. No rulebooks and very limited blister selection. And to top it all off, they advertise that they open at noon but the store was closed when I got there. Arrggg.

No paint was touched yesterday but I was able to finish the prep work on the mortar and MG platoons.

Today, I paid a visit to Dueling Grounds. What a difference... They were getting their shipment from Battlefront later on this which meant that I could not get my hands on "The Art of War". When Wayne heard my plight and discovered that I did not visit the store often due to traveling distance he offered to sell my the store copy. Now that is customer service!

Items that I've bought
  • 2 blisters of Quad tractors
  • 1 blister of magnetic small bases
  • 1 blister of magnetic medium bases
  • 1 blister of two (2) 6 pdr guns
  • D-Day supplement
  • 2 vallejo paint brushes
  • ... And of course the Art of War

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