Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's day gift to myself

I decided to pay a quick visit to my favorite LGS to quickly browse the fow blisters and see what will pique my fancy.

Here is what I purchased for myself;

* the typhoon boxed set
* MG carriers
* US tank stowage

I always wanted some air support so my first choice was easy.

I still haven't even painted my MG platoon but I thought that giving them greater mobilty would help the PBI's.

I had some concern about the stowage but I thought since I will be fielding US built sherman's anyways might as well use their generic stowage.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Big progress

I have no idea what has happened this week but I got a lot accomplished. The Rifle Company boxed set has enough miniatures for two platoon with two sqads each. I'm now down to doing the touch ups and the ink wash. Wow. I think that I almost completed 40 PBI in one week.

I also sanded the turrets for my Sherman tank platoon. I think I'm going to add to stowage to them but I haven't totally decided.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Getting Closer

The first FoW miniatures that I bought was the (ML) British Infantry boxed set. At the time, Battlefront LW "blitz" was just starting so their LW Rifle company was not available. It was with this set that I began my long and slow descent into the hobby. I knew almost nothing about WW2 nor Canada's involvement in the war effort except for Juno Beach let alone what the hell was a PIAT. So after many months on and off painting I'm almost finished my first 2 platoon company of PBI and guess what... I'm short PIAT's! This particular boxed comes with two anti-tank rifles and one PIAT team.

I think that I may be done in two weeks depending how much free time I can squeeze in.

Friday, April 4, 2008

My Antenocti's Workshop package arrives

Wow that was fast. Just 8 days to process my order, ship it and arrive at my door. Impressive.

Total cost was 132.88. I got nailed by a 17.34 with a Canadian Border fee for GST, PST and a handling fee.

Now I do not have any more excuses for finishing basing my miniatures. Wait... I know of a good excuse: Should I dull coat or not?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What is that at the end of your brush?

Why...could it be paint? Painted some gun stock on a bunch of PBI. Glued another 5 men to a base. Finished 'texturizing' the base where I did not glue the miniatures first. This brings me to 15 miniatures on a base.

Sad. But I'm moving forward right?

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Well I actually did something tonight. Nothing earth shattering but I feel good about it.

I mixed up a pot of "flat earth" with modeling medium which also contains some texture. Sorta like Vallejo modeling paste that I hear about in the FOW forums.

I tried two different methods.

  1. Glue the dudes on the base then smear the mix around them. Works well but I find it can be quite difficult getting between miniatures.
  2. Smear the mix first then set the miniatures into it. Works fast but the miniatures moves around too much plus I will have to back again with another coat.
I should be able to upload some pictures tomorrow.

Update here are the quick pictures that I promised

Friday, March 28, 2008

Mixing vallejo paints

I've noticed that some of my vallejo paints started to separate into two colours. Shaking the pot by hand was a tad tedious so I use an orbital hand sander to do it. I attached the pot to the sander with a bungie cord and turned it on. It worked but I could still see multiple colours.

I popped open the pot and added two ball bearings (don't forget to clean them with soap first!). Much better. I'm going to try combo'ing the two methods and see what happens

Shopping therapy

If you can't paint then shop!

I've been told that the best grass tuffs are made by a company called Silflor. I've looked high and low to find a supplier located in Canada but to no avail. has the sole distribution rights to North America. What sucks is the insanely high postal charges being levied due to increase security south of the border. 

So I decided to looked across the pond. Here is what I purchased

Ammo Dump Objective

Antenocitis Workshop Barbed Wire

Camouflage Netting - Green
Silflor Tufts two-colour 4mm Summer
Tri-Colour Camouflage Leaves
Ratio Sacks Barrels Pallets
Javis Hairy Grass Summer Mix
Silflor Tufts two-colour 6mm Summer

I'll post some pictures when it arrives

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm still around but barely

It has been awhile since my last post (almost two months) and I haven't touched anything FOW since then as well.

Here is what I was wasting my time on instead:
  • My new Apple MacBook Pro
  • Pulp Gaming
  • Lack of sleep due to cranky young children
  • Holidays
I know it is sad but hopefully I will get back into the swing of things. Wifey has decided to run again, which means she will be spending time on the treadmill and not wanting to spend "quality" time with me. We are also going to get a baby sitter for the entire weekend so we can spend time on other things than just the kids. All this means that a lot of "hobby" time has just opened up. Having the willpower to pick the brush is another story.