Friday, March 28, 2008

Shopping therapy

If you can't paint then shop!

I've been told that the best grass tuffs are made by a company called Silflor. I've looked high and low to find a supplier located in Canada but to no avail. has the sole distribution rights to North America. What sucks is the insanely high postal charges being levied due to increase security south of the border. 

So I decided to looked across the pond. Here is what I purchased

Ammo Dump Objective

Antenocitis Workshop Barbed Wire

Camouflage Netting - Green
Silflor Tufts two-colour 4mm Summer
Tri-Colour Camouflage Leaves
Ratio Sacks Barrels Pallets
Javis Hairy Grass Summer Mix
Silflor Tufts two-colour 6mm Summer

I'll post some pictures when it arrives

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