Friday, May 30, 2008

Big progress

I have no idea what has happened this week but I got a lot accomplished. The Rifle Company boxed set has enough miniatures for two platoon with two sqads each. I'm now down to doing the touch ups and the ink wash. Wow. I think that I almost completed 40 PBI in one week.

I also sanded the turrets for my Sherman tank platoon. I think I'm going to add to stowage to them but I haven't totally decided.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Getting Closer

The first FoW miniatures that I bought was the (ML) British Infantry boxed set. At the time, Battlefront LW "blitz" was just starting so their LW Rifle company was not available. It was with this set that I began my long and slow descent into the hobby. I knew almost nothing about WW2 nor Canada's involvement in the war effort except for Juno Beach let alone what the hell was a PIAT. So after many months on and off painting I'm almost finished my first 2 platoon company of PBI and guess what... I'm short PIAT's! This particular boxed comes with two anti-tank rifles and one PIAT team.

I think that I may be done in two weeks depending how much free time I can squeeze in.